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Unplugged with MzTee ~ A Second Life Magazine
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's Going Down Right Now with DjIllWill

Djillwill is killing it right now, so stop what you doing and take flight now … you don’t want to miss the party  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Black%20Penny/75/67/33

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Seth Regan / Mankind Tracer Live Video Show on Facebook via Streamjam.com

Today, July 25 at 2 PM PDT, Seth Regan will be the first Second Life  performer to do a live show for facebook using the hot new application StreamJam.

StreamJam is a mini virtual setting which will carry his live video concert across facebook, or those who have installed the app on their facebook.

So, please try to make it to see this hot live performance by Seth Regan and give him your support. He will be taking request during his performance, all you do is write in the app screen.

For More Information go Here:


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Opulence Cafe Meet & Greet

Opulence Cafe Meet & Greet

Event: Complimentary Self-service breakfast.
Date: July 11, 2010
Time: 10 am-12pm

Event: Complimentary Self-service lunch.
Date: July 11, 2010
Time: 1 pm-3 pm
Live stream from 1-3pm by Derrick Stewart

Attire-Semi Formal
Come meet the staff of the cafe, take a look the facilties. Feel free to tour the island in our hot air balloon. Go high to get a peak of the football stadium of The Skytower Jaguars.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gestures by Mi - Check Her Out If You Need Gestures

Looking for some HOTTTTT FAnCy Gestures ... Check Out


She has Little Pervert
Ghetto Fabulous,
Welcome Backs & I Crashes
Self Expressions
Television Shows
Publish PostmORe ...ChEcK Her Out
take your flight below


Starting June 1, 2010, Living Truth Educational Services

Starting June 1, 2010, Living Truth Educational Services opens its doors to classes in SecondLife.

The following is a ist of courses offered by ABOVE & BEYOND MINISTRIES,  Genesthai Ministries and Master's International Divinity School (Evansville, Indiana - distant learning partnership program with CEU's) via Living Truth, a learning partner of Master's International Divinity School.



Come Away My Beloved Mediation
Daily, 7 PM SLT

Explore the Book
The objective of this class is to dig deeper into the Word of God, gaining fresh insights, joining historical facts and accounts, bringing the student into a mastery of scriptures.  A bible survey course.  This course is taught in 8 sections.

Tuesday, 6-8 PM SLT (The class is 1 hour long with discussion to follow)
Fee: $50 USD / section

The Finished Work of Christ (CEU's available)
Tuesday, 6-7 PM SLT
Fee: set by Master's International Divinity School

Understanding Your Call
Wednesday, 1 PM SLT
Fee: $0L

Christian Living
Transforming Clay into Vessels of Honor
Wednesday, 5-6 PM SLT
Fee: $25 USD + book purchase

Bible Discussion Group meeting
At Jesus House Ministries
(in interactive bible study)
Thursday 5-7 PM SLT
Fee: $0L

Fearless Lovers Discussion Group Meeting
Friday 5-7 PM SLT
Fee: $0L
"Have you learned to Love"?


If you have any questions concerning the courses, registration, or fees please contact Pet Karu or RevCheryl Swanson.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feed A Smile 2010 - Great Event Taking Place in July - Don't Miss Out

Feed A Smile 2010 - Great Event Taking Place in July - Don't Miss Out

Brique Topaz founder and CEO of the Real life charity organisation called "Live and Learn in Kenya e.V" (abb:LLK) has asked G&N Quality Design to hold the Feed a Smile 2010 event to raise funds to raise money to help feed the children of Kenya.
LLK is based in Selb, Germany.


It is the parent organisation to LLK International NGO and is a registered non-profit charity organization.

Our event shall be held from 10 July until the 18th July 2010, and during these days we shall have lots of live entertainment,  super sales and give aways, fashion shows showcasing designs by Bliss Couture, Moonbeam, G&N Quality Design, Coe Dust, House of Europe, Alpha Angel, Sascha's Designs, sf designs, Jazmyn D and co ordinated by LaModa Modeling Agency. We shall also be having Auctions,  and designs that have been made and donated by top designers to sell and help raise these funds.      

Every L$100 raised is enough to give one child one meal, they have around 500 children in this project.

Donation Boxes will also be placed here and there around the grid and of course at the event which is being held at G&N Quality Design at a specially designed venue.


Contacts for any information are
Brique Topaz    LLK CEO
Nikki Heron   G&N Quality Design
Georg Stonewall    G&N Quality Design
Chriscloud Loon  Live Events